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Bonaire – the best holiday destination during COVID-19

During the coronavirus pandemic many of you were stuck at home, wondering when will be the next time when you are allowed to leave your country for a relaxing holiday. The unrest of the current days created a need for a destination where you can not only feel undisturbed, but also one that can guarantee the highest possible level of security when it comes to the social distancing and health regulations.

Here in Bonaire, we think we meet and exceed your expectations!

  • Bonaire did not have many COVID-19 cases during and following the outbreak of the pandemic.

Very quickly after the outbreak of the coronavirus pandemic Bonaire closed all entries, including docking the cruise ships. The island can be accessed only by air or by boat, so this was easy to control and limit. It prevented the disease from spreading quickly on Bonaire. During this time, local businesses introduced social distancing, or closed in order to prevent any potential spread. These efforts managed to successfully control and slow down COVID-19!

  • The island has very few inhabitants in only two towns, and the remaining parts of the island are only beautiful rough Caribbean nature

Bonaire is a small island with a small number of local inhabitants. Because of this, the population density is little – you never see crowds. This makes practicing safe social distancing rules very easy! Moreover, the majority of the island is pure rough nature, with great open planes of mangrove forests, rocky cacti and mountainous lakes. And don’t forget the beaches, dive sites and the beautiful shorelines! Here you will feel alone and safe to enjoy the beauty of the Caribbean, the water and each other in peace.

  • Bonaire has the perfect climate

Currently, there is some proof that hot climate is a less desirable location for corona virus to thrive in. Bonaire, being part of the Caribbean, is a hot, humid and very windy location. You can easily say it’s one of the best holiday destination during COVID-19. You will spend most of your time outdoors, on a beach, hiking, windsurfing, relaxing. All of this includes being refreshed by ocean winds in open air!

Why Stay in Sorobon Beach Resort?

  • Complete privacy!

Sorobon Beach Resort is located by the Lac Bay lagoon, which is on the East of the island. The resort is the only accommodation in the area, which means you, as a guest, are able to spend your holidays in safe distance and in best social distancing practices.

Sorobon Beach Resort consists of individual chalets, which means that during your stay you will be able to enjoy your own indoor and outdoor space! See our chalets.

  • Windsurfing!

The Lac Bay lagoon is a top windsurfing destination for professionals and beginners alike. The shallow waters is the perfect playground for an active holiday. And windsurfing is a great no-contact sport to practice during your holiday. Read more here.

  • Halo-therapy

The Lac Bay lagoon offers fantastic ocean winds, which are rich in many nutrients and salt. This is called halo-therapy. It has plenty of anti-stress benefits that are perfect for the ultra-relaxing after the pandemic. We promise you will instantly feel more refreshed! Read more about it here.

  • Special Offers

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