Hippie Chique Beach Shop

Hippie Chique beach shop offers a trendy and fine selection of modern and chic clothing. Here you will find swim wear by Luli Fama, as well as “timeless” fashion by Elan. There is also a great collection of accessories by World Family of Ibiza. Small but complete; the all-in-one fashion boutique.

  • Luli Fama is a modern bohemian fashion house, specializing in chic beachwear, activewear and resort wear for women and girls. The production focuses on quality and style, releasing trendy and hip fashion sets year after year for multiple occasions for anyone in love with the relaxed boho-girl look. Visit website
  • Elan is an American boutique fashion brand that offers its customers a relaxed, yet comfortable apparel from highest quality fabrics. The focus is to provide an option for a young elegant woman to look fabulous both, at the pool, and exploring her holiday city. Visit website.