Mindfulness: based on happiness

Mindfulness is nothing more and nothing less than giving attention to what there is here and now.

It sounds simple and in the essence it is because it is our natural state. In due time in our lives we have added our own stories and pasted judgements and feelings to the experiences in our lives. Being Mindful is a state of being here and now without keeping ourselves busy with our problems, worries and stories.

In our daily life we are continuously confronted with challenges and changing circumstances. Most of the time we react automatically and afterwards we realize that a different reaction or choice of words would have been more effective. Because of our busy lives and pressure we sometimes feel we do not take the time to stop and become aware of what we really feel in the moment or what is keeping us busy. We just keep on going until we are worn out.

Challenges, confrontations and changes are part of our daily life and always will be. It is useless waiting to be happy until all your troubles have resolved, new ones will arise all the time. The art is, how to deal with it?

The essence is attention and awareness.

Through practicing being present in life as it is now, we create awareness. Without judging it with words like ‘worthless’, ‘cool’ or ‘this is never going to work’. Just observe the inner world as it is with curiosity. What is here now? By being conscious of our anxiety or negative thoughts, we realize that they are just thoughts that come and go. They are not facts.

During this workshop you will become familiar with your inner world, without judging about what you think, feel or experience. You will learn to deal with restlessness and to recognize ‘troubled thoughts and feelings’, to acknowledge them and not be put off by them. You will learn to take a step back from your worries, be more relaxed and learn to trust your intuition. In the everyday hustle and bustle, we desire more inner peace and live in awareness.

In this mindfulness workshop we will use meditation, breathing exercises, writing, drawing, becoming aware of our posture and learning to listen to the signs of our body.


The benefits of Mindfulness

  • make conscious choices
  • act consciously
  • being able to cope with daily challenges in a more relaxed way
  • work more effectively
  • be more focus
  • live here and now
  • joy!
  • feel relaxed
  • being able to cope with stress
  • more peace at mind

For who?

Mindfulness is for everyone who has the desire to live a more relaxed, stress-free and joyful life. Mindfulness is for those who wish to become more aware of how things are for them here and now.