Why Bonaire is one of the best honeymoon destinations in the Caribbean

Choosing a honeymoon destination can be difficult – there are so many beautiful locations in the world from paradise jungles and beaches to spectacular mountains and much much more. But if you prefer to spend your special moments on a beach, a honeymoon is no exception. Have you already decided the Caribbean waters is your focus? Let us tell you why Bonaire must be one of the best honeymoon destinations in the Caribbean!

What’s the ultimate requirement for a honeymoon? Privacy!

Bonaire is the lesser known Dutch Caribbean island. This means less tourists, less noise and much more nature and privacy! Have the beaches almost to yourself and enjoy yourself and your loved one in the most pristine Caribbean waters.

Less tourists doesn’t mean that there is no infrastructure, or attractions. Those who enjoy shopping, can still browse beach fashions in the capital’s main street Kaya Grandi, or during town market days on the main square. Here you will also find local foods, souvenirs and other goods produced on the island. For the couples who want to experience some local attractions, the Cadushy distillery  or the Donkey Sanctuary are both great options.

Drive around the island and find your own remote spaces, whether it’s a beach, a spot in the wilderness or a relaxed waterfront bench. Most of the time you won’t see anyone around you and it will feel like your very own private adventure.

There is nothing more romantic than a remote beach!

Nothings says ‘romantic honeymoon in the Caribbean’ more than a private reote beach just for you and your partner. On Bonaire you can experience the sense of remoteness in many beaches. Pink Beach, Frans beach, Lac Bay and Tolo beach are great options for a completely secluded beach experience. Additionally, Sorobon Beach Resort is the only accommodation on the East (Lac Bay) side of Bonaire. Here you are engulfed in a private space, where you are left to enjoy the company of your loved one surrounded by a beautiful turquoise lagoon and palm trees.

Switch on your active side and enjoy water sports

Relaxing and enjoying the beach or pool can be heaven on Earth, but sometimes it can get a bit boring. If one day you feel active and adventurous – take a windsurfing lesson! Dunkerbeck Pro Center can be found on the Sorobon beach. Their friendly staff will guide you and your loved one through the basics of the water sport. They offer complete introductory, as well as advanced lessons, so you know you’re in good hands. It’s extra fun in the shallow warm waters, where you can play around safely!

best honeymoon destinations in caribbean

When packing for your honeymoon on Bonaire, do not forget your snorkels. Why?

You can snorkel practically anywhere on the island. Explore the wild sea life of tropical fish and beautiful colorful corals! If you feel adventurous, go diving. Bonaire has plenty of fantastic dive centers that rents out gear or offers PADI classes. Head straight to VIP Diving if you’re interested – they’re one of the best on the island! The marine life is one not to miss here!

Bonaire’s strong suit: sunset dinners!

Bonaire’s sunsets are breathtaking! Reserve beforehand for the best table in many of Kralendijk’s restaurants to dine at the best spot overlooking the ocean and the sunset. The blood-red skies will create dramatic unforgettable moments.

You will also be blown away by the diversity of dining options on such a small island. From Caribbean BBQ places to luxury Italian restaurants – Bonaire has it all! Our favorites include Bobbejan’s BBQ, Capriccio restaurant, Brass Boer, and Mi Banana. We always recommend trying out some of the local cuisine and experiencing the original Bonairian flare!

best honeymoon destinations in caribbeanOn the other side of the island…

If you would be tempted to rejoice in the beauty of the sunset in the Lac Bay lagoon, you can always reserve a dinner on our private pier. Our chef will gladly create a special tasting menu for you and your partner to savor up with a gorgeous glass of wine, while marveling at the dimming pinkish colors of the lagoon. Not much else can be as romantic.

For your body and soul? Treat yourself to a couple’s massage!

If you wish to engulf yourself in the sounds of the ocean and forget about everything for an hour, you can always experience our professional couples massage by Johana. Her masterful palms will bring not only perfect relaxation to your muscles, but she will also make sure your experience is a dual one – a massage together is a soulful bonding experience.

Relax and be pampered in Sorobon Beach Resort’s romantic chalets

Our chalets designed for honeymooners are a romantic touch to your holiday. Their modern elegance welcomes you to enjoy the holiday forgetting about home or anyone else for that matter. They are also fully equipped to serve your basic needs. Each morning will feel like waking up in paradise. Which it will be – we promise!

best honeymoon destinations in caribbean

Experience Bonaire on their own pace…

The activities and bustle of the city might seem a bit distracting, especially if the goal is to relax and enjoy each other’s company. In our resort you won’t feel the pressure to run out to explore or participate in activities right away. This also gives you the perfect amount of time to enjoy each other’s company as a newly married couple.

If, by any chance, you decide you need to let your hair loose, dance and experience the Bonairian nightlife, the city is easy to reach by car. The decision to explore, or to stay in is completely up to you!

Are you convinced that Bonaire is one of the best honeymoon destinations in the Caribbean? Check out our special offers, or head to book your stay!