Why Bonaire is the Best Caribbean Island for a Family holiday

Are you looking for the perfect family holiday destination? We understand that planning a vacation for an entire family can be tough – there’s just too much to take into account. From safety to activities, traveling with children requires much preparation. But what if we told you that Bonaire is the best Caribbean island for a family holiday?
You may ask why and we have plenty of reasons.

Firstly, the island is one of the safest islands in the Caribbean.

According to recent reports (here and here), Bonaire ranks in the top of the lists of no-crime islands. And it’s true – you feel completely safe walking around in the center of Kralendijk, enjoying the sunset on the boulevard and grabbing an ice cream in the cafes. What’s more, it is not unusual to see children running around inbeach bars on a Friday night – everyone goes out to enjoy themselves in the sand!

We promise you won’t think twice about crime or any other dangers on Bonaire, however, be focused when driving. The locals tend to drive a bit fast sometimes.

What makes Bonaire even safer – no hurricanes!

Bonaire is one of the few islands in the region that never experience hurricanes during the Fall season. There might be a bit less wind and waves, but that’s all!

What’s more…

…Bonaire has a giant safe natural pool for kids to play in

On the East side of the island, you will find Lac Bay. Besides being one of the most gorgeous bright blue lagoons in the Caribbean, it also offers shallow warm waters for more than 2km long. The bay is protected from the ocean by a big coral reef, which also ensures that no dangerous or big fish enter the area.

The best part?

In Sorobon Beach Resort, which is on the Lac Bay lagoon, the beach, shore, as well as the water, is all covered in soft sand. This is the spot to forget dangerous or annoying water creatures, as well as deep waters and just relax, letting your children enjoy and play in the sand.

Now let’s talk about family-friendly activities on Bonaire.

We know that children will never stay in one spot for too long. That’s why choosing a good destination for a holiday must include a good range of activities to try out.

Bonaire’s top activity is exploring the underwater world.

fish snorkeling destination bonaire
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Whether it’s diving or snorkeling, Bonaire has something for everyone. As the world’s number one shore diving destination, the island has 86 dive locations. Get in the car and start exploring! Some local favorite spots include 1000 Steps, No Name on Klein Bonaire, Te Amo Beach, Andrea and Wayaka 2. You can find them with the help of your reception staff.

Don’t have a PADI or diving experience? Not a problem! 
Put on your snorkel. There is so much life underwater you will be amazed everytime! Lac Bay is also a great snorkeling spot, even if it doesn’t seem like it from the first glance. The only problem is, it is 30min away in the middle of the lagoon.

Above water – try out some sports!

Since Lac Bay is so shallow, it opens up various possibilities for water sports. Windsurfing is the most popular choice here. At Dunkerbeck Pro Center you can sign up your little ones for a kids clinic. They’re organized once every few months or upon request. Let your children enjoy four days of water activities with a diploma at the end!

What’s more, many choose to rent a kayak, or, if the wind conditions aren’t too strong – a SUP board. Since windsurfing requires controlled lessons until a certain experience level is gained, SUPing or kayaking is a nice alternative for an easygoing afternoon.

Go on adventures in the nature of Bonaire!

Even though Bonaire is a small island, you will surely be amazed with its nature. Take the car to drive around the wild roads and spot donkeys and flamingos. They might be shy, but they’re always friendly!

You can always decide to go on a hike in Washington Slagbaai National Park. It’s located in the North of the island. The kids can enjoy spotting hunting eagles and other tropical birds. Afterwards, have fun feeding wild iguanas lettuce. They easily become your friends (wink). The national park also has some of the most impressive beaches on the island.


There is always the option to jump on a boat and see the island from a completely different side. A sunset cruise, a water taxi to Klein Bonaire, or a boat trip to the more remote snorkeling spots  – the options are endless!

What about the food options you may ask?

We promise the kids will love the local options!

Jump in the car to explore some local gems such as hamburger food trucks, ice-cream, or delicious fresh fish dishes in beach bars with the best lagoon or ocean views. You can even go to the more local places – or Snacks – to enjoy a juicy grilled chicken on rice. No wonder it’s a local favorite!

Pro Tip!

Be sure to try out the Lionfish burger in the Cactus Blue food truck. Not only is it delicious, but it also is good for the water ecosystem. The Lionfish is dangerous to the indigenous fish.

Also, try anything with fresh tuna. You can see burgers, steaks, tataki or sashimi options, we recommend everything! The Sorobon Beach Club offers probably the best Nicoise salad on the island.

What about the parents?

What is a better holiday for the parents than knowing that the children are safe and entertained in a safe and fun environment? In Sorobon Beach Resort, you, as a parent, are left to indulge, lounge, read a book or swim. Our resort and beach bar are known on the island as a family-oriented beach lounge and are frequented by families.

sorobon beach resort beach

The resort also has a playground right by the beach bar and a shaded table tennis area. Not to mention, the youngsters can meet and play in the sand or water. The possibilities are endless!

What can be a more ideal place for families? Don’t you agree?

If we’ve convinced you that Bonaire is the best island in the Caribbean for a family holiday, please check accommodation options in our resort here.