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do in bonaire
do in bonaire
do in bonaire

Things to do in bonaire

  • Windsurfing

Lac Bay is one of the world’s most popular windsurfing locations. 6 out of 10 of the World’s top surf pros were born on Bonaire; Sorobon Bay is their breeding ground. Sorobon Beach Resort is located next door to Jibe City and adjacent to the place. Here, both the novice and experienced windsurfer will find everything he needs for a successful windsurfing holiday!

It’s a great thing to do in Bonaire! In Sorobon Beach Resort, the windsurfing hub is The Dunkerbeck Pro Center, which offers windsurf rental, lessons, clinics and tours. Anyone is welcome to join in the fun of the sport, from beginners to professionals!
Read more about the Center here.

  • Diving

More than half of the visitors that come to Bonaire come to scuba dive. The island is known as one of the top three dive destinations in the world. The crystal clear water with pleasant temperatures and great visibility offers divers breathtaking underwater vistas. There are literally dozens of types of coral and hundreds of species of fish that have all the colors you can imagine. Known as the shore diving capital of the Caribbean, most sites can be accessed right from the shore! Bonaire is the ideal dive location for both beginner and well-seasoned divers.

  •  Stand-up paddleboarding

Paddle boarding, or stand up paddling (SUP), has become the hottest new sport on the water, and now is the fastest growing paddle sport in the world. The sport has recently been revived from its roots in Hawaii by surfing legend Laird Hamilton, and has taken the paddling and surfing world by storm. Paddle boarding is a hybrid between surfing and paddling sports; the boards are high tech, light surfboards of a traditional longboard design, used with a canoe-style paddle of 5-6 feet in length.

Sorobon Beach Resort is now offering this sport at its Resort! Our location is perfect for paddleboards, where our calm lagoon/bay is perfect for learning the easy skills necessary to control a board. Stand up paddle boarding is easy for everybody to learn, young and old, ideal as a family activity. For honeymooners this is a very relaxed way of doing something active and paddle away to a romantic spot.

  • Kayaking

The calm waters surrounding much of Bonaire makes kayaking a relaxing way to enjoy the beauty of the island. The mangroves create a wonderful set of tunnels in which to see beautiful wildlife.

  • Sailing

Sailing in the Caribbean, nothing more romantic and comfortable than here on Bonaire. With a constant wind and ideal warm weather, sailing is a joy.

  • Kitesurfing

At just ten minutes by car from the hotel is the kite beach Atlantis. The smooth water and perfect wind make this an ideal place to learn for beginners and to have a great time for the advanced kiters. There are instructors available with boats to help you out with lessons or in times of trouble. The best gear is available and the offshore winds provide a safe experience.

  • And more!

Interested in something else to do in Bonaire? If you’re interested in hiking trails or other activities on the island, please come by the Front Desk of Sorobon Beach Resort and we will help you plan your perfect holiday!