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Windsurf Tours

You are invited to book a windsurfing & boating tour in the open waters of Bonaire, hosted by Sorobon Beach Resort and Dunkerbeck Pro Center!

Experience windsurfing in the beautiful ocean waters surrounding the West side of our island on a day boat trip with your friends and loved ones.  The breeze, the deep blue waters, the views of the island are only a few reasons to join us on this adventure! The tour invites windsurfers to play in the open waters, but also all the family members, who would like to spend time on a boat, take a private trip to Klein Bonaire and snorkel!

The Windsurfing

The windsurfers are invited to either windsurf or windfoil – depending on skill and preference – to up to three destinations on the island of Bonaire and surroundings. The beach of Te Amo and Pink Beach are easily accessible by windsurfing and the No Name Beach on the neighboring island of Klein Bonaire is a great furthest final destination. The waters are usually calm, offer enough wind for a smooth trip even for intermediate windsurfers. The equipment will be brought and handled by the Dunkerbeck Pro Center crew, which will also track you for your mximum safety on the water.

The Touring and Fun

The remaining non-windsurfers, who join the boat tours, the boat ride will be a relaxing and enjoyable sightseeing adventure. Marvel at the beautiful views of the shoreline of the island of Bonaire, enjoy the breeze and the tropical sun! You will be brought to the best snorkeling spots, accessible only by boats and water taxis and will have a chance to experience snorkeling in private. Ultimately, you will be brought to Klein Bonaire and its amazingly gorgeous No Name Beach,  where you will have free time to enjoy the unbelievable white powder sand and bright blue waters. It’s an unforgettable adventure!

Lunch & Dinner

We are happy to include a meal package during your tour. Delicious fresh lunch, sandwiches and beverages can be prepared for you and your loved ones to enjoy during the day. After the returning from the tour, you can be greeted by a wonderful mixed BBQ dinner at our in-house restaurant Courses, hidden away in our luscious gardens. There can be no better way to end a fantastic Bonairian windsurfing and boating experience!



8:30AM – Meet up for gear consultation and pick up at the Dunkerbeck Pro Center surf shack

9:00AM – Depart from Sorobon Beach Resort

9:30AM – Arrival at Te Amo or Pink Beach and preparing the gear for windsurfing

10:00AM – 12:00PM – Windsurfing from Te Amo/Pink Beach to Klein Bonaire with the boat following the windsurfers

12:00PM – 14:00PM – Free time for lunch and fun on No Name Beach and snorkeling in the best spots around Klein Bonaire

14:PM – 16:00PM – Windsurfing back to Te Amo/Pink Beach with the boat following the windsurfers

16:00PM – 17:00PM – Relaxing and collecting gear to return to the resort

17:00PM – Returning to Sorobon Beach Resort


To book a windsurfing tour, please email