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how to get to bonaire
how to get to bonaire
how to get to bonaire

How to get to Bonaire?

Even though Bonaire is so close to Venezuela and Curacao, it is not accessible by ferry nor by boat, so your only way of getting to the island is via air. Bonaire has one airport called the International Flamingo Airport.

Below you can find all the airlines that fly directly to Flamingo Airport in Kralendijk, Bonaire.

Other recommendations on how to reach Bonaire are to fly to other ABC islands – Aruba or Curacao – and take a connecting flight with Divi Divi Air. The airline fly several times a day, every day. Sometimes its cheaper to book a flight on the bigger airport of Curacao and buy a single return ticket from Curacao to Bonaire.  These arilines operate small airplanes and a flight from Curacao to Bonaire is only 25 minutes. Be careful! Some of these airlines are known to cancel flights or not being on time, so if you don’t like to take risks – book a flight with just one booking agency or airline.

Also be aware if you book separate flight, you have to pay twice the luggage per airline!

COVID-19 & Bonaire

The current world situation in the COVID-19 pandemic has restricted flights to Bonaire. Please check with your airline and government if you are allowed to fly to Bonaire.

Currently Bonaire is under a 10-long light quarantine to prevent further spread of the coronavirus.

Good news!

As of June 9th, 2018 American Airlines opened regular direct flights to Bonaire every Saturday. From December – during the touristic high season –  the number of flights will increase to four times a week!